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You are Finn, a young adventurer looking to make a living to go on adventures. Finn payments needs of their adventures to help his family, giving the hero some momentum to go out and be all ... hero-y. When not in a search, they are largely tied to the city. Here, you can quickly switch between home, the adventures of Go shopping mall, an office where you pick up the work, a casino to earn extra money, and the house of a scholar who read about monsters, weapons, glass shards, and more. Although the building seems limited, especially this city is a hub of your adventures around the world.

At first I liked the idea of making my own adventure to the order. That goes to the adventures of Ir center and speak with Karla, who help create the adventure to your liking - usually to help meet the jobs accepted in the office, because that's where the real money is made. You can set the parameters of your adventure based on the customization options you've unlocked, such as what kind of monsters should appear in your search. To determine locations for mixing different ingredients landscapes, plains, forests and deserts to creating specific spaces. This system requires a decent amount of guessing, but it is certainly unique. After setting the right price, the adventure is generated for you and your head out of the battle.

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