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My team and I are running through a field when I stop, awkwardly in order to change the mode of what we can point to a piece of cover I want my team to take before returning to my progress. I'm supposed to be leading a group of the best special operations troops in the world, but like bees to cover and my teammates to catch up with objects that are running the past, I can not help thinking that the "special" part of our title can be another thing entirely.

looks good, despite my description above, I do not hate Ghost Recon Predator. I'm a big fan of the show Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and this edition for the PSP does a great job in bringing some of the elements of the Sony handheld franchise. I love being able to order my troops around, and I like to have a cover-based shooter on a portable system, but the fun I had with Predator was always hampered by clumsy controls and some truly terrible AI.

At its core Predator Ghost Recon is a third person shooter based on the cover. You control a team of three special operations soldiers called ghosts, and in Sri Lanka, trying to neutralize a situation in which the death of several U.S. citizens. You are only three men to complete their work, and is supposed to be based on its superior technology and training to overcome difficulties. Before each mission choosing the members of your team (the selection of classes as a sniper, heavy weapons, etc), dress them with weapons and equipment and, where possible, choose the insertion point.

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  1. This is good entertaining game to play. In this game player can use some very interesting weapons to kill the ghost.
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