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Many racing titles have been launched in recent months in the different consoles. Major titles include the name of Gran Turismo 4 for Playstation 2, Need for Speed Undergourd 2, which has been published in numerous platforms, and other racing companies. The racing genre is crowded widening, and although there was a limit to innovation that was added once to the genre there are still many titles that really stand out and shine.

The launch of the Playstation Portable has come and gone, and some truly amazing titles have been released for the handheld through many genres. Ranging from puzzles to action, the role competition, the Playstation Portable has many great offerings for different types of players. However, a genre is above the other, and that is the racing genre in the middle of the launch titles for PlayStation Portable.

One of the best racers to hit the PlayStation Portable has thus far been WipEout Pure, and it really shines the light of what the Playstation Portable can be achieved in terms of gameplay, not only, but many other aspects, such as images and sound. But if there is a game that really is an example of the strengths of the Playstation Portable, Namco's Ridge Racer. Presentation of the most beautiful images of the Playstation Portable and the gameplay to coordinate with the graphics very well, Ridge Racer is one of the best racers to hit the scene in early 2005, not only on the Playstation Portable, but on all platforms.

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