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The X-Men group up with their sworn foes, Magneto and his Brotherhood, to halt the utmost risk of all: Apocalypse. Activision's X-MEN LEGENDS II: RISE OF APOCALYPSE for the PSP permits players to command both good and bad mutants in one of the most well liked franchises of all time. The game starts with X-Men Wolverine, Storm, and Cyclops and the Brotherhood's Magneto, Sabertooth, and Mystique keeping Professor X from Apocalypse's prison. Apocalypse, one of the most mighty mutants in the X-Men sequence, has decimated the mutant haven of Genosha and kidnapped four mighty mutants, encompassing Quicksilver, Magneto's son. He designs to extract their forces and incorporate them into his own, making him unstoppable.

Players have 15 mutants to choose their party of four from, encompassing Gambit, Toad, Bishop, and Pyro. Each mutant has his or her own exclusive adeptness and forces, and players will need to discover how to use each to get through certain areas. The game is split up into five phases, and the end of the first four, players will face off against one of Apocalypse's mighty henchmen, the Horsemen.

There are furthermore numerous more cameo appearances dispersed all through the game, and a number of unlockable extras like concealed individual characteristics, classic uniforms, and other skins. Players can furthermore play the game cooperatively, with up to four players connecting in the mutant melee. But if solely or with associates, X-MEN LEGENDS II: RISE OF APOCALYPSE is full of all the activity, exhilaration, and mutant forces X-MEN fans.

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