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Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP takes all the peak components from the newest arcade type of the world's best-loved battling game and inserts a owner of new, PSP-exclusive characteristics to consign large wireless gaming. As you would anticipate from any Tekken game, the graphics are razor pointed, impelling the PSP to its limits. Two new individual characteristics from the arcade type, Dragunov and Lili, permit PSP proprietors the possibility to try out some new moves. With the come back of classic combatant, Armor King, the register of battlers proceeds up to a jaw-shattering 30 individual characteristics, each prepared to battle over 19 ass-kicking stages.

In supplement to the accepted arcade set-up, a kind of new game modes consign a "play anytime, anywhere" know-how, flawless for gaming on the proceed, and the addition of wireless two-player, head-to-head battle means that you'll be adept to stuff your friends any time, any place. With additional pieces to customise your combatant and new video sequences, exclusive to the PSP, Tekken: Dark Resurrection is the supreme beat'em-up experience. You'll need to battle harder than ever before to increase through the ranks and trounce down all.

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