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It's Christmas time in New York City and a odd virus has emerged rotating apparently usual people into the insane, brutal Infected. Rookie Officer Stevens is one of the first victims ... but different other ones, he is oddly immune. The secret Dr. Schaeffer discovers that Stevens' body-fluid can be utilised to decimate the else invincible Infected, and conceives a exceptional "viral gun" topped up with Stevens' body-fluid -- explodes directly into the Infected, and they will viciously explode.

Featuring an engrossing single-player crusade with lavishly gory minutia, Infected unlocks the world of Wi-Fi (local and online) by stimulating multiplayer modes. Those who are victorious in multiplayer battle can "infect" the loser's PSP scheme with their avatar and gain grading points as well as conceive a viral string of connections as your avatar is passed on to other systems.

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