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In Dragonball: Evolution for the PSP-system, supreme forces collide as players agree up against their very well liked individual characteristics from the movie issue and assault for command of the seven sacred Dragon Balls that have the power to allocate any wish. Dragon Ball: Evolution uses an easy-to-learn yet tough to expert battling scheme which presents every individual the power to drag off stylish and dynamic attacks. Ki (energy) administration will be absolutely crucial to gain the top hand and unleash a devastating strike on their unsuspecting opponents.

Participating in strong assaults, gamers are asked for to pursue the route of Goku to his predestined battle against the bad Lord Piccolo in Story mode. Players can furthermore assault against several adversaries in Arcade mode, accept trials in Mission mode or hone their method in Training mode. Dragon Ball: Evolution furthermore permits players dispute associates to checks of power in multiplayer battles.

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